Root Glen (Fall)

by Root Glen

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The second of a series of four seasonally themed EPs.


released October 15, 2011

Root Glen:
Eric Blank - drums, percussion
Ross Griswold - guitar, boxed wine
David Moroney - vocals, guitar
Andres Gonzalez - bass

All Songs Written & Recorded By Root Glen

Additional Writing Credits:
Dan Savas - Battle Cry, Some Ghosts, Red Lines & Spinning Wheels

Mixed & Mastered By:
Andres Gonzalez

Drums & Percussion Recorded By:
Eric Blank

Artwork Design By:
Megan Maher




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Battle Cry
Verse 1
The day I chose not to keep the flame running high
Cruise control took a hold of my life
An endless haze of repeated days passed by (a lie)
Stealing years right before my eyes

Until it seemed, that the moment was gone...

Full speed forward
With shoulders lowered
Press on, press on people
Watch each day
As it slips away and
It's gone, it's gone with the...

Verse 2
Will you fight for freedom when it comes time for decision (do you?)
Or save all your strength for a day that might never come
The best laid plans fall through outstretched hands sometimes
So live for today not tomorrow is our battle cry

Which will it be, to grow cold, or go...

Full speed forward
With shoulders lowered
Press on, press on people
Watch each day
As it slips away and
It's gone, it's gone with the...

A mass of people are waiting round
For a sign to come
Without a concept as to when
Or of what could possibly be
They will never take that first
Step across the line
It's their move to make and it's their
Time to waste until they do
Track Name: Detective Porn
Verse 1
Been starin' at your wanted poster
For what will be the last time
With every beat the moment's nearer
You'll be behind bars for life
Waiting with revolvers loaded
The seconds tick by oh so slow
Across the town a car gets stolen
But there's bigger fish in the sea

Chorus 1
And the rain starts fallin'
Clouding out the fading daylight

Verse 2
Dive into a darkened alley
When you see the shadow
A .38 unloads before me
But I've got you firing blind
Underneath a lonely streetlight
I can see hot metal shinin'
The barrel spins and he's reloaded
Not going quiet this time

Chorus 2
Still the rain keeps coming
Bullet casings fall like water

Chorus 3
When the guns fall silent
I'll see you live to stand on trial

Verse 3
Sit up on the stand Miss Martin
And raise up your right hand
And paint a picture, can you tell me?
Where did you last see your man?
When I said "no further questions"
I knew that I finally had you, but
Deliberation's dragging onward
Something is just not quite right

Chorus 4
The word "acquitted" rings out
You've had this whole thing rigged from the start

If their justice won't hold..
I'll make my..
Track Name: Some Ghosts
Verse 1
Told a story of a summer party
Bright night and there I was
My eyes moved slowly, across the crowd and
Settled on her face

And cause she was complete distraction
I lost control of the way that I acted
Watched her floating across the floor
Pushed my way toward her cause I needed more

Chorus 1
Caught her eye
Exchanging lines
It all gets hazy from there

Verse 2
She told me stories of the 1840s
On the Oregon Trail
Her brother Angus left for the gold rush
With his pick and pail

Late one night there were some gamblers fighting
Outside an old saloon
She got caught up in the crossfire
Sent to her grave too soon

Chorus 2
She's a ghost
Been dead for years
But I don't mind anyway

Verse 3
I don't mind if you haunt my mansion
Or if you're not quite opaque
As long as my sex life's this good in the next life
You'll never hear me complain

Chorus 3
And when I die
Til death do us part, just won't apply
Track Name: Red Lines & Spinning Wheels
Verse 1
No time to stay in bed
When it's time for action
I don't know what you said
[But it] sure got a reaction

Always leave out the back door
Flying under the radar
There's no alternate track now
your only shelter's a fast car

And from out of the dust and from out of the fields (the fields)
A symphony of red lines and spinning wheels (wheels)
Always at the brink
Better to move than think
Drowning under the weight of the lives that you've lived

Verse 2
No way to change their minds
You know I already tried to
Don't matter what they find
The verdict's already come through


Verse 3
Don't ever turn around
Because you know she's behind you
Just keep on gaining ground
Ignoring what's in your rearview

Track Name: The Salty Pepper
Verse 1
Feels like it's been forever
Waiting round since the day after
A cooling feeling washed you away
Giving in to fascination
Tunnel vision taking over
Cool it, you wanna seem OK

Chorus 1
I need a window,
somewhere to find a way to break in
A way to get inside
I need to get in,
Tunnel vision taking over
And I can wait all night

Verse 2
Breath in the confrontation
Even though you know what's coming
Be sure you cannot fall for it
Breathe out your hesitation
In the shade of Betsy's Apron
Now it's time to take it to them

Chorus 2
I need to get in
Tunnel vision taking over
And I can't wait all night
You need to get out,
In over your head, but you can't let this go

Chorus 3
I need to get out
In over my head, in no condition
To make it out alright
I need a window
Some way for me to see a back door
Oooouuttttt, Oooouuttttt