Dark & Stormy

from by Root Glen



Verse 1
The shapes I'm seeing in the morning
Still think I see em in the night
What sort of current am I caught in?
Sea of gray, same in every light
The view is always the same, without reference it's hard to see change
And find a reason to keep hold of oars when they don't seem to move you whatever you do

If you tried,
to let it go
Would it change a thing?
Would it sink you?

What's a stroke, out at sea
Even a hundred won't change what you see, but you're not deterred
Spend your time just holding back the tide that pulls you boat
Or let it float on aimlessly

Verse 2
If I could even see the shoreline
I'd reach the land eventually
But since I cannot find direction
Why fight the waves when I could let them take me?


Chorus x2


from Root Glen (Spring), released July 13, 2012




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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