Powdered Toast

from by Root Glen



(description to be read in the voice of Brian Blessed)

This song tells a brief tale about someone who has had a rough night (that they cannot recall) and who awakens to find that a mysterious person has made them a most exquisite breakfast featuring powdered toast.

As the shock of the morning slowly fades, the song changes to reflect the haziness of an afternoon that drifts by on autopilot; images, figures, recollections of the night before drifting through the protagonist's head.

But just when a complete picture of the previous evening's escapades is about to be realized, night-time returns and our intrepid hero decides to go out and repeat the adventure once more.


Verse 1
The morning seems to swallow whole your memories of the night before
Like scattered beams of light entrapped inside a cloudy prism

Faces, clouded and faded...

Verse 2
A foreign perfume lingers on, a hint of last night’s ghost
A thank you note aside a spread of coffee, aspirin, powdered toast

Stubborn feet on the tile....

Just as you remember the questions still unanswered, it starts all over
Let it out the same as you start it up again and the night takes over again


from Root Glen (Summer), released June 4, 2011
Ross Griswold, Andres Gonzalez, Eric Blank, David Moroney




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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