This Time Round

from by Root Glen



Verse 1
Been advised to, roll the other way
Even been fed, things I need to say
They tell me, I don't understand what I'm doing

Any other time I would agree
Never been much, worth fighting for to me
But you're something, something that I can't let be

This time round, won't let you down
Kiss goodbye, that kiss goodbye
Let's start it over, let's start it over

Verse 2
Can't erase the mistakes I made before
Things that were broken can't be restored
But I can't replace you, I've always needed more

So I'm asking, please don't walk away
Got enough left to build on if you stay
Let's start it over, love the way we should have loved



from Root Glen (Spring), released July 13, 2012




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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