You, Naked

from by Root Glen



Verse 1
Scrambled eggs, diablo
Heavy metal taco, which you ate
No ideas of your own
So you're acting macho, I see it all the time

But if you play it safe
If you play it safe, you're ok

Verse 2
Stuck in front of two roads
Knowing where the one goes and choosing it
Where did all the time go?
Saved it for tomorrow, it happens all the time

Chorus 1
Scared of another start in case it's
Barren on the other side
Waiting til the day arrives
When cannibals will eat you alive
They'll eat you up

Verse 3
Meant to help your friend
But you try, you lie, you forget, you're bringing me down
Couldn't stand your ground
Instead you just sold out like every other time

But if you wanna stay
If you wanna stay, you'll stay

Verse 4
Beating dead picasso
Putting on a big show, for everyone
Trying to keep it together
Meant to do it better, but you can't afford the time

Chorus 2
Standing on the edge of the stage, waiting
For someone else to call you name
Scared that everyone will find
Scared that everyone will find
You naked

Skate through life just satisfied

Chorus 3
Still you'll skate on by just thinking
There will always be more time
Hang out on the edge of life
Hang out on the edge of life
Hanging on the edge of a knife
It's kitten time


from Root Glen (Spring), released July 13, 2012




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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