from by Root Glen



Verse 1
Day after day, you look my way, I try to hide
After all we've been through, you think you'd get the clue, I'm not your guy
Cause I can't deny, with you life just seemed to pass me by
But I find myself, so hard to satisfy and that is why...

I, I'm movin on, been here for too long
Nothing left to say, time to break away
I've got to find, myself some peace of mind
That won't happen if i stay, time to break away

Chorus Outro 1
I hope you find
A more settled guy

Verse 2
Out here alone, its difficult to know which way to go
But I'm free to roam, anywhere I want I'll find a home
Don't matter what you choose, someone walks their miles in nicer shoes
But I've come to find, that i get better mileage out of mine


Chorus Outro 2
I hope you find
That piece of something left behind


Chorus Outro 2


from Root Glen (Summer), released June 4, 2011
Ross Griswold, Eric Blank, David Moroney, Dan Savas, Andres Gonzalez




Root Glen New Brunswick, New Jersey

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